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10.04.2012 , 12:40 PM | #1
I started using a rank 27 barrel last night and noticed some fishy parsing going on...been testing all morning switching between rank 26 and rank 27 barrels and have some interesting results. Here I will share a few 2 min parses and you guys can check it out but it almost seems like my HSM is hitting way harder w/ rank 26 barrel compared to rank 27 barrel though my UL are slightly higher with rank 27...anyways here are links
Rank 26 barrel parses are the first 3...rank 27 are the final 2...

Also, after some very sub par parses this morning...only about 1600dps...I switched back to 100% accuracy and it seems to have slightly corrected my dps loss on morning parses. I was chatting with another merc though about hitting the min/max numbers of 285acc,235acc,285 surge and I'm going to test with that as well. Will update with parse, but I need lunch first:P
With the amount of broken stuff with mercs from patch I wouldn't be surprised if they messed up our barrels too:P I mean we already have 3/6 unload shots sometimes 4/6 as it will only do the final offhand shot right now. then the debuffs not giving UL the proper dmg it should be getting. Then tack on RS dmg being completely eratic as well as the 4 pc set bonus being a 50 50 shot if its going to even work for your heat Im surprised more people arent getting random parsing like me. I was tossing up 1950-2k parses before I 'upgraded' 2 mods and my barrel. I just wish bioware would fix stuff