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"Arctis." Marr said, trying his best to be dipomatic "This is an issue that affects all of us, not just you. we all have a say in what happens to him. It is not a risk, ravvok knows he is outnumbered and on unfrendly ground. Do this, and I will owe you a favor"
Then, he better stand still. So my men can freeze him, in carbinte. She was happy, with the out come. Darth Marr will have to back her, in at least one vote know. She did however, wonder why he cared that ravvock lived. Even if, it was not for much longer.
She then contacted, her moff. Freeze Darth Ravvock, unless he resits then have all of your thousand men, gun him down. The moff just nodded, he new better, than ask why the change of plan. It was not long, before they where nearing his compound. They still destroyed his ship, just incase he escaped.
While this was happening, Darth Arctis got into her personal shuttle. which then head off, to her destroyer. Then her shuttle went down, to where her men are getting ready to apprehend Ravvock.
She then contact Darth Marr again, So why we taking him alive? Be honest, if you can. She asked him , while waiting forravocks frozen body to come back up.