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A couple things.

First, to the guy or gal arguing that it wasn't BW's intent to stop stacking queues, I have to ask: in what MMO have you played where stacking queues was an intended playstyle? That's a serious question because in my seven years of playing MMOs, I have yet to see it. No MMOs I have ever played encourages this. In fact, they discourage it by putting in features similar to the one BioWare just did where they put a stop to queuing for multiple things. You trying to say Allison never mentioned this as a problem is engaging in semantics. The fact BW put a stop to queueing for WZs and FPs at the same time means they don't want you to be stacking queues. If they were fine with it, this change would never have been put in to begin with.

Second, for those of you complaining about how long it takes for queues to pop for DPS, I'm going to once again assume you are new to MMOs as this happens in all of them. There's always an overabundance of DPS. So, there are two solutions to this problem. Either roll a tank or healer and have instant queues, or BW implements cross-realm FP queuing. But in reality the only way that you will have guaranteed short queues is to play a support class. That is the easiest fix. And I say this as a DPS class myself, where I, too, am waiting hours for a queue. Is it frustrating? Of course. But I knew when I rolled a sentinel that it would be a consequence.

Someone on here said it best years ago before the game launched. There are really only two classes in every game: LFM and LFG.
This is, quite frankly, a silly argument. You are proposing that Stacking Queues are bad. They are not, and here's why:

Option A - No stacking queue: Players choose either PVP or PVE, but cannot do both. If they choose to PVE, then they will generally have to wait a long time if they are a DPS, and will not experience any PVP.

Option B - Stack queues... BUT... The player in the warzone will continue to rise in the queue until they are next in line. They are then skipped by players below them any time a Flashpoint group is able to form until they are done their Warzone, unless all the players below them in the queue are likewise in a warzone, in which case the queue doesn't move at all and the flashpoint group isn't formed until someone not in a Warzone becomes available. Upon reaching the highest spot in the queue they receive a notification that they will remain at the top of the queue.

If for some reason they abandon their warzone, they also lose their Flashpoint queue. When they finish the PVP match they are then at the top of the Flashpoint queue, and were never tempted to leave the Warzone in order to participate in a Flashpoint.

Now... reverse everything I said and also apply it to players in Flashpoints queueing for warzones.

This is the ideal method of stacking queues. Players get to participate in ALL content, and it inconveniences no one. If you don't believe that players should be allowed to queue for both, then you believe in limiting game play options over allowing players to enjoy all content equally. If that's the case, then no reason or logic will persuade you to see differently, and I won't even bother with debate.