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Marr looked down at his holopad, seeing a message from Darth Arctis "it appears you have some compony, ravvok. Arctis has tracked you. You are truely a fool to go to dromand kass. Here is my offer, one I will only make once. surrender to Arctis. I will have them bring you before us, and there you can make your case, and we will pass judgment. Resist in any way, and the deal is off." as he spoke, he sent a reply to Arctis "Arctis, Ravvok has contacted me, he wishes to surrender to us. you are to take Ravvok alive, do not kill him unless he resists, and bring him to korrban to face judgement."
You, do not order me around. So on what grounds, should i risk my men. For that traitor, give me one Dath Marr. She never did like people, giving her order`s. That how she ended up on the council, in first place. She did however, want a favour darth marr. Against another council member, Darth Hadra and she new marr also new this.