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Normally I would agree with you... but bad change after bad change is making me feel like a prostitute and BW is my pimp. I pay... and they slap me in the face anyways.

I was one of the loudest defenders of BW and this game but seriously... it's like they do the exact opposite of what the players want and ask for.

This... pretty much sums up how I think a lot of people feel.
Most of the changes in 1.4 were aimed at fixing PvP and you say that they were bad changes? I ran into many many people angry with the changes being for PvP only and ignoring the PvE'ers in the days right after 1.4 so I am glad to see someone who thinks that the PvP was fine before 1.4. Maybe if you get enough people to cry about it the devs might change it back, hey it worked for the PvP'ers to get it changed in the first place.
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