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And some people simply won't be attracted to a different species or someone who has different morals form them, but the game in it's current state doesn't reflect this. These things also matter a lot.

I'm not commenting on how good/bad DA2 was...I don't think it matters here.7
Forcing a label to NPCs forheads doesn't make them "deeper" or more "realistic". It's really not needed. Some friends of mine saw Merrill as a lesbian. They never romanced her with the dude Hawke. Some others saw Merrill as straight. There was no contradiction. The romance would play out nicely everytime.
Locking her out from romance for either gender, would have added nothing to her character. That just would have sucked for a lot of players. If what you see on youtube, what you read on forums, or another playthrough disrupts your current game, that is your failure.

The way I see it, DA2 had many flaws, but its companions and their stories, their interactions were the best. Much better than DA:Origins, than ME, and from what I've seen so far, better than SWTOR.