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Greetings DarthVengeant,

Your first post in this thread has the faulting module kernel32.dll, this is a system file that may be corrupt. To verify this is not the case, or to repair it please run the Windows utility called System File Checker as follows: Please run the System file Checker from Microsoft:

Please let us know your results.
The main file that was corrupt is the SWTOR file, and I reinstalled the game. I'm not using Windows 7, I am on XP Pro Slip streamed. Windows File Protection, or SFC, is disabled on my set-up. Why is it that you guys at Bioware keep acting like it is our PC's that are the problem? You guy's need to fix your game. All my other PC games don't crash....hmmmm....

2 hrs after posting my previous "I crashed again" post crashed AGAIN.

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My game has frozen while exiting a HM Black Talon FP . its sill happens when i exiting HM Black Talon FP . So what do i do now . On a side note this happen when i use group finder and when i don't use it
I also had a freeze/crash at the end of BT HM when it starts loading back to fleet.

Group finder is glitched and I am sick of it. It keeps queing me and other people wrong. I dont know WHY they don't add an option to "Always Que as" in your Preferences so that you NEVER get qued wrong. I have qued ONLY as Damage. Went to bathroom and come back and I haven't touched a thing but I am Qued as Damage and Heals.. It happens at least 50% of the time. I am really sick of it.

Furthermore, I am also getting the overlay of UI during loading screens since the new patch. Laggy graphics, just like other people are experiences since the new patch.