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10.04.2012 , 11:53 AM | #13
I posted this in the other thread about Merc DPS on arsenal tree; but this is also simple. I don't think it would go too far, maybe even not far enough, but it would be a start.

1. Reduce cast time on tracer missile slightly. Stationary target needing to fire this several times, just stuck in place too much. Shorter cast would at least give you the chance to move in between a little more often.

2. Proc Barrage a little before the end of the cast of tracer missile. As it is now, I am already started on the next TM many times when I hear the proc for barrage

3. Heat signature, power barrier and tracer lock currently seem to stack when the TM hits. Seems like an unnecessary delay when the proc on Pyro activates as soon as you activate unload and as soon as power shot fires. Either make it stack on instant of firing, or have tracer missile projectile move much faster.

Just some very slight things I think would go a long way. The problem with the class is it is sluggish and stationary and lacks utility. This would at least help you move through rotations faster and move on.