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Darth Arctis, got new`s ravvock was on drummond kass. He was proving how much of fool, he is by going to his old compound. She pointed to nearby moff Get your men ready, alrert my sith lord`s. Then go and eradicate, this lord ravvock. I want his head, in a box. That box i want frozen in carbinte, and sent to the mandalore. UNDERSTOOD! The moff looked at Darth Arctis, with slight look of fear Yes, my lord He quickly headed out, and rallied togther his battalion. Then got 12 sith lords, under her command together. They began, their march towards darth ravvock. The moff also order some blade fighter`s, to locate and destroy darth ravvocks ship. That way, he could escape the planet. Then hunt began, for him they moved as one. Then after destorying his fury, they would use heat sensor and uv camra`s to locate him.
While the moff was busying himself, with his troop`s and begin his tracking down of Darth Ravvock. Darth Arctis sent message, to all other council member stating Darth Ravvock is on, drummon kass. Let`s put him out, our missery know.
Mean while sabrina, gotten her answer to her plan. It was possible to get every thing done in time. Though she would need approval, as their where risk`s if she failed. As if her timing was not right , or she discovered escaping they both could turn on the empire. Though she figgured the bit about landing a brigade of mandalorian, on the planet then arming them was the easy bit. She sent a message to her master, to see what he thought then dashed off to next meeting she was due at.

ooc mdlogan upto you if i go ahead, or not. The mandalorian`s bit, would be easy. The rest would be quite risky
Marr looked down at his holopad, seeing a message from Darth Arctis "it appears you have some compony, ravvok. Arctis has tracked you. You are truely a fool to go to dromand kass. Here is my offer, one I will only make once. surrender to Arctis. I will have them bring you before us, and there you can make your case, and we will pass judgment. Resist in any way, and the deal is off." as he spoke, he sent a reply to Arctis "Arctis, Ravvok has contacted me, he wishes to surrender to us. you are to take Ravvok alive, do not kill him unless he resists, and bring him to korrban to face judgement."