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You have an aggro issue with the tank. If the tank loses aggro and one of the dps takes one of the stacks that was supposed to go on the tank, the incubation debuff will fall off the tank prematurely and kill the tank and release the adds. This will mess up the whole fight. Suggestions to prevent this. When the writhing terror burrows the first time, have all dps drop threat. This will give the tank an opportunity to get ahead on threat and hold the boss more effectively. If the tank can keep threat until the firat jealous male spawns then the tank shouldn't have any issues for the rest of the fight on threat. The dps will be fighting adds and getting way behind on threat on the main boss.

If this happens again, have all the dps check themselves. I guarantee that one of them took aggro from the tank took one of the stacks from the boss.
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