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Yup. And you can also get experimented on by mad scientists then forced to fight other prisoners to test the results of the experiments. Or possibly get eaten by your fellow prisoners. All for the whopping crime of being opposed to the political maneuvers of the folks in power. Like chopping off the legs of a jaywalker.
When you find out about the Belsavis experiments on the Republic side, it's all "That's horrifying" and the senator is like "Don't tell anyone"

When you find out about that on the Imperial side, it's all "Why didn't we think of that first" and "Wow, I didn't think the Republic had it in them" and "Let's take over the program now that it's shut down."

Every bit of corruption and evil in the Republic is matched and far exceeded by the Sith.

Defending the Sith Empire is like glamorizing the Middle Ages. Sure, if you were a Lord it was a sweet setup. As one of the many peasants, it was horrible.