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10.04.2012 , 11:03 AM | #4
I have this "Commando's Helmet":
for one of my alts' companions. OK for looks, but pretty low level and can't be modded, so probably not what you're after.

Another companion has an "ArmaTek Infantry Helm", which looks a bit more like an "Imperial Stromtrooper" helmet than what you're after. It also isn't listed on either site you linked, and not on swtor-spy either, but looks something like:
The linked one of course is for Jorgan only, but there's another similar one (based on the icons, anyway) for Elara. The ArmaTek one is not limited to class or companion (just Level 27, Heavy). But again, different look than that commando one, and not moddable, so perhaps not really what you're after.

The good news in all this is, if you really can't stand the look of it, you can hide the head slot on your comapnions now. So they can wear a helmet with decent stats, but not look so hideous.