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imo that spec will not perform as well as the normal cookie cutter build that most assassins are running. You will have poor force management, poor survivability as missing out on some of the better boosts to your self healing that talents further up in madness has to offer.

The spec that I am yet to try out is this its what I will run as soon as I get time to test it. You can switch out fade and deceptive power and put them in saber conduit but I ran a similar hybrid and it did fairly well. Also its a simple rotation thrash, shock and maul deathfield and the force management is quite good.

I still love madness and think it performs great once you get use to it but when I get bored I run that hybrid.
So I played it. The DPS is ok. At times the damage spikes hard. However, the survivability is lower and a straight deception build provides I think a lot more single target damage. The AOE reduction wasn't their as you stated more than deception. I missed that. Maybe if I was better at DoTing it would be more effective. I tried getting around and marking up targets.

Force management wasn't an issue. Infact, no build I am in is truly having that issue if you have blackout/stealth now with dark embrace you really are able to quickly rebuild your force and resume DPS.
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