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Surely they could give PC droids some sort of passive ability (call it Shielded Circuits?) which would resist...whatever affects you're talking about (I don't do PvP and my highest level character is lvl 23, so I'm not 100% certain here.)

I suppose game-play wise, a battle droid would work very much like a Trooper (ranged weapons, heavy armour, no Force), and putting romance into the story could only result in silliness, but I'd still be amused. Might even resub after the game goes f2p.
Disable Droid
Activation: 1.5 secs
Range: 30 m
Shuts down the target droid, incapacitating it for 60 seconds. While disabled, the droid's systems reboot, causing non-standard and non-weak droids to heal rapidly. Damage causes this effect to end prematurely. Only one droid can be disabled at a time.

Give droid player characters a resistance to this and they'd have to include built in resistances for all the other classes against all the other CCs out there. They could make it not work on Champion level mobs(which PCs are considered) but that would impact PvE CCs and the tears would flow; so the short answer to your proposal is : Nope.
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