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No, I mean, the people who want these romances wouldn't necessarily be happy with that.

Just off the top of my head:

1) "New characters" means we'd probably have to wait for an expansion...which could be years.
2) "New characters" also means you'd have to wait for lvl 50....or lvl 55 or whatever the cap would be when this expansion comes out.
3) Having the new characters shared amongst all classes is something I've seen people in this thread frown at. I believe it's seen as unfair considering each class has it's own OGRA for both genders currently (and some have multiple options).
4) When you limit the characters to 'gay, straight only' there will be players unhappy that they can't romance character X with their toon b/c of arbitrary gender restrictions...this would include people who do OGRA if they would ever make gay-only characters.
reagarding 1) Well, that's just the way it is...
2) Not necessarily. A new character can be introduced at all kinds of points. New characters in Mass Effect don't require you to be particularly powerful either... They are usually introduced at a point early in the storyline.
3) That characters are shared between class is the norm in Bioware games. SW:TOR is an exception.
4) That's no different than in other Bioware games. Leliana is a romance option to both men and women, Morrigan isn't. It's one thing to make same gender romances at all, it's another to make it so that the gender doesn't matter at all to all companions anymore. If here are new options for straight players as well, there is no reason to complain about gay options. If only gay options were added, that would cause trouble, even if the same characters are already straight options.

I consider it a given that eventually new companions will be added, though I have no idea in what shape and way of course. It wouldn't be a bad thing if some of them were liked their own gender.