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10.04.2012 , 09:55 AM | #1
I am trying to acquire this item:

But other than the world were the bosses that drop these items can be found it does say anything about where to find them.

There is an identical looking [Prototype] Inspiration Vest which is dropped by the World Boss on Taris, but I gotta pretty lucky to get first a team assembled, second have that item dropping and thirdly win the vote for it... So I'd rather try my luck with the simpler version... if I could find the bosses.

Unless a average equipped high level character can solo Taris' world boss. Hmmm.... is it possible to transfer such a drop item via mail to another character of the same account in the 2 hours time frame after you get it? The character I want it for is level 46, but I could come up with a level 50 shadow in a mix of Rakata and Columi gear...