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In my youth I was an UBER fan. I saw ANH when it was first released in 1977. My brother and I got our first Kenner action figures shortly thereafter - R2-D2 and C-3PO. We dressed up like Luke and Obi Wan for Halloween that year (my brother being blonde got to be Luke). I got a very low quality copy of ANH and ESTB on VHS (LONG before they were officially released) and watched ANH evert rainy and snowy day. Everywhere we went my brother and I brought our Darth Vader star wars action figure carrying case. We had "lightsaber duels" with giant "Tinker Toys".

When "Heir to the Empire" came out in the early 90's I waited in line to get it and read it within a week (I had two jobs that summer so free time was limited). And continued reading all the books as they came out for more than a decade.

I waited in line for hours for each of the Special Edition movies and bought the VHS box set as soon as it came out. I then bought the DVD box set when it was finally released. For years, about every couple to three months I would break out the OT and watch it

I bought all the games - although I was never really good at the X-wing seris

I stood in line for hours at the opening of TPM. And while not as disappointed as most say they are, it was not as good as I had hoped. I did the same thing for AofC and RotS, and bought all the DVDs

But in all honesty, it was the Vong book series that turned me off Star Wars. Too much doom and gloom for what were supposed to be the heroes. I stopped reading Vong series about half of the way through and stopped reading EU books altogether.

I also no longer watch any of the movies as much as I used to.

That being said, when my brother offered me two movie posters - Star Wars and Empire 10th anniversary (he worked in a movie theater at that time and acquired the posters - when I moved into my new house, I jumped at it and bought a Jedi poster to "complete the set". They hang prominently in my home office/workout room.

But recently with me playing a SW table top RPG and playing this game, I have started reading SW books again.

So, to answer the OP question, I was a hardcore Star Wars fan for a LONG time, but as I've matured my fandom has also matured. I realize that SW is a pop culture icon that 50 years from now people will still be talking about (Ala Gone with the Wind, It's a Wonderful Life, etc), I am glad I was able to witness it first hand, but I am not nearly as hardcore as I once was.