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The underlying problem with DPS Mercenary/Commando is that it is completely overshadowed by Sniper/Gunslinger. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to play a DPS mercenary in this game. Snipers are glass canons, whereas mercenary’s are just glass.

I completely agree with the OP's suggested changes. If arsenal mercenary’s are given mobility, then the tree would (finally) serve a purpose and not be completely overshadowed by the marksmanship sniper tree.
Very well put. That is why you hardly see a dps merc in a WZ nowadays. Yes, i'm sure someone will come in here and post a link about how dps mercs are fine because 1 merc out of a 1000 is awesome and pulls 500k dps a wz and that everyone else needs to learn to play. Stop fooling yourselves. Mercs need a lot of help atm and I can say this for certain that the Merc AC is light years behind other ACs as far as being PVP viable. (speaking again about the Arsenal tree btw, which is the only tree that matters.)

I know when this game first came out, everyone was crying about how mercs primary ability (tracer missile) was doing so much damage and was considered OP. Here's the thing. That ability right there was the only reason mercs were pvp viable because we really had nothing else and Heatseeker Missile was still broken at the time and was hardly worth using. But what did BW do? They nerfed Tracer Missile to the ground and made mercs useless in the process.

So here is what I propose to BW.

1.) Make tracer missile castable while moving. (That right there will literally solve a majority of the mercs problems)
2.) Give mercs some kind of interrupt immunity like the vanguards "Pulse Generator" talent.
3.) GIve mercs some kind of snare immunity/speed buff like the Vanguards "Hold the Line"