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10.04.2012 , 08:28 AM | #23
Crafting in this game has always been broken in my opinion. Way too much over lap. To me Artifice should have been able to make everything that goes in the Sabers and Generators, same goes for Armstech while Cybertech's stuff should have been strictly for armor. Then I would change the whole RE thing to something a bit more easier, none of this 10% chance to RE something unless it was an item modification. I figure its only fair since Synthweaving and Armormech have a harder time breaking something down to get what you want in the blue to purple phase or the purple to purple phase. I think end game crafting should be competitive with the end game gear. And all craftable rakata stuff should have been bind on legacy. Lastly from levels 1-40 the crit chance on companion missions should be higher considering you level so crazy fast in this game.