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10.04.2012 , 08:16 AM | #51
I am one of those 80% that don't post a lot and here is MY take.

Each group has some very valid points BUT it IS a service to us to play.
One area that we as a community HAVE failed is in the way we have complained. We have complained, B****HED, whined and pointed out ALL that was wrong. When you do something and someone points out EVERY detail of what you COULD have done you resent it.

Same with BW/EA. Do we know the story from behind the 'gaming devs curtain'? No we do not. We do not know what they were told, budgeted for or able to do right then.
Maybe they did not realize the leveling could happen that fast. A lot of maybes we do NOT know of.

BW does need a better customer servicing/communications person(s) to discuss with the community, BUT many of them, like any blog, ppl hide behind their mouse buttons and whine about everything from what their shoes look like to not enough content.

I have been playing since Feb. of this year AND I leveled to 50 about a month ago (I have a life, job, children and a business) I am know learning how to play a level 50 Jedi all over again.

My point is this, if you have a complaint, whine, bi**h then come up with a solution or two that many people might enjoy, not just for your advantage over everyone else. What would make the game GROW for all? Is it your pet peeve or a true glitch in game play? Or an idea or two about missions, pve, pvp and to also realize that maybe the game went faster than expected. It takes time to make a new mission, flash or pvp world.

This strictly MY view, don't care if you trash it because I love the game and the ideas behind it. I have NEVER played WoW or anything else on line but have gamed since D&D was three little books.

Try being positive and thoughtful when criticizing anything. It could be you that made this game and if you suggest instead of tear down someones hard work then it WILL NOT FAIL.

Have a great Day and see you in the Galaxy...DonK