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10.04.2012 , 07:46 AM | #3
I like the little animation you have for explaining Sentinel Droid :P.

With MDPS now, i think the option that I'd use now is Tank him on the middle platform and make sure the MDPS/Healer that gets the marker runs to the outside to drop a ball.

Effectively combines the best of both worlds in that the DPS can interrupt Incinerate and the Tank doesn't have to move.

Relies on everyone being on their feet though.


Further stuff that could be tweaked:


- The Tank can LOS kite behind the Tank during "I have a few tricks up my sleeve", as long as he has aggro (taunt him beforehand) you can run around the Tank and make sure Lorrick can't see you... this lets MDPS still wail on him and means you're less likely to get him by him simply spinning (since he doesn't throw them if he can't see you).

- Alternatively one of our Tanks simply strafes him (so goes one way unti lhe throws, then instantly changes direction). This leaves him facing one direction so the DPS don't have to worry.

- I wouldn't recommend moving as a group for the Green goop... since it's a stacking DoT and it's thrown out on the other party members, having multiple AoEs thrown on you get hit with multiple stacks more easily.