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10.04.2012 , 06:59 AM | #2115
The more I think about it, a couple of new characters would be really nice instead of new romances for the old character. Let Kira remain my friend; that's fine with me, let Nadia remain my padawan and pupil. I know an entirely new character is an insane amount of work as compared to "upgrading" an existing one, but, even putting the demand for same gender romances aside, per the companions available and the density of their story and personality (with few exception when a character is tied to the class story) is not overwhelming.

And I would seriously suggest to not make those new companions restricted to a single one class, because that means a hell of a lot development time with relatively little yield. Also that would mean if new companions were introduced, you could have some male gay, some female gay and some straight and everybody would be happy. If you made the same "per class" that would consume years to develop.

PS: Starbuck to all Vipers - do not fire... repeat, do not fire! I am a friendly, okay? We're all friendlies. So, let's just... be friendly.