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10.04.2012 , 05:27 AM | #17
The development time is holding TOR back a lot, this was mentioned pre-launch that the game seemed to be stuck in development with very little information or response from the devs. Even in interviews when asked directly how they spoke of keeping players interested the two options were roll alts or box the game and wait for an expansion.

Waiting for an expansion is fine but with the development time any new content that seems to be added is very minor and more about grinding out gear than anything else. As for rolling alts which were linked to the legacy it becomes apparant that 75% of the game is world quests and they get dull after a while. With only limited space and PvP warzones as alternate methods of advancement it not much of an option.

Hopefully the game will be saved but as it stands too little is being done and teaser trailers of HK and Cathar and new planets seem to speak of things that aren't even in production.