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Quote: Originally Posted by Karasuko View Post
Did you do some looking and thinking about how the patch notes interact with how things have changed? i'm guessing not.

We get an extra use of black out on combat start and an extra use of black out every 90 seconds. black out --->vanish---> blackout

Yes theres plenty of skills to use but most of them really have no place on a pver's bar except in specific circumstances. Ie no need for tumult,force wave TK throw on a DPS shadows bar.
I have my standard 6 buttons bound for core rotations, My F keys bound for CD's and some Ctrl keys bound for other stuff, I suck at key binding and don't use a fancy mouse yet i manage.

Theres nothing wrong with having a optimal way to play a toon, nobody is forcing you to play badly, there needs to be a way to seperate good players from bad.If it didn't matter what skills I used or how i used them there would be nothing pushing me to improve.

How was my post arrogant? blunt and straight to the point sure. I see alot of people blaming their laziness on "way to build a community" when they're the ones that could be doing something themselves to solve their issues.
Building a community has nothing to do with force feeding the lazy.
No the problem is that by having an "optimal way to play" players are made bad, not by being bad players but because they don't want to use the same 6 skills out of twenty, as everyone else.
If creativity leads only to a weaker outcome be it DPS loss or resource loss, that's a flaw in game mechanics. Afterall, if it was the design that every player of a specific class and tree use exactly the same moves, they shouldn'ty have written so many skills and hotbars, instead adopting a more focused approach akin to DCUO or Guild Wars 1/2.

Sure those games have more optimal builds but overall, choice of skills that weren't the opitmal could still be made to work very well by a decent enough player. It's not a matter of skill to know which 6 skills in which order to press, any chimp can learn to press 6 buttons in a sequence. Player skill derives from speed, accuracy (ok not accuracy so much in a game like this), reaction, adaptive behaviour and creativity. Swtor seem to severely punish creativty. Probably because most talent trees only affect two or three skills rather than overall gameplay.

You may find satisfaction in finding the optimal build and skill rotation for pure dps, but not all of us are pure number crunchers, I'd prefer to have the option to play how I want to play, use the skills I want to use and still be capable of producing a good outcome by playing well. For example, I really, realy hate project. It's an ugly *** skill which severly breaks the flow of combat and has no place in a melee build. Except that for some bizarre reason half of the main shadow talents are built around it. For Pete's sake why? Why just that one skill? Why not Low Slash which would be a great skill for all shadow trees, or Force pull, which would also be great for all shadow trees? Why not shadow strike since that's already available to all shadows or Whirling Blow which is basically useless and defintely needs improvement?
Even WoW, hateful as it is, allowed for player creativity.....or at least it used to. The latest version looks terrible.

Your original post was arrogant by it's intonation. May not have been intended but that's the problem with text, especially in short sentences. Oh and I did look at the patch notes thank you, another arrogant assumption on your part, but even with the changes taken into account, energy comsumption seems worse to me.