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You may find satisfaction in finding the optimal build and skill rotation for pure dps, but not all of us are pure number crunchers, I'd prefer to have the option to play how I want to play, use the skills I want to use and still be capable of producing a good outcome by playing well. For example, I really, realy hate project. It's an ugly *** skill which severly breaks the flow of combat and has no place in a melee build. Except that for some bizarre reason half of the main shadow talents are built around it. For Pete's sake why? Why just that one skill? Why not Low Slash which would be a great skill for all shadow trees, or Force pull, which would also be great for all shadow trees? Why not shadow strike since that's already available to all shadows or Whirling Blow which is basically useless and defintely needs improvement?
Even WoW, hateful as it is, allowed for player creativity.....or at least it used to. The latest version looks terrible.
So... let me get this straight: you're expecting to be able to do whatever you want and get comparable numbers with someone who optimizes?

Do you not understand how absurd that is?