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Simply wrong vision for the game.

They wanted their MMO to be heavily story based. They achieved that goal, however Story is NOT replayable. All the replayable elements of this game (pvp, raiding, flashpoints, crafting, roleplaying, socialising, fluff hobbies etc) are all sub-par. So, people played the story, loved it, finished it, then got bored of the sub-par replayable bits and quit.

At the end of the day, if you are going to build a themepark MMO then you need a dedicated development team with a very quick workflow who can pump out new content very quickly because themeparks are not replayable. If you don't have such a dev team (or corporate mentality) then you need themepark elements so that the community can amuse itself whilst waiting for new content.
i agree on most part , but themepark is the foundation of any big mmo
that is where u "hook" the player, and that is what wow did right, they had the biggest and fluffiest park
so when players got tired of endgame, they could roll an alt and really play a whole new world
any MMO dev have failed to realize that since then,,we all know the results