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We can all pretty much identify the symptoms that are hurting this game. Slow development time compared to other MMOs, bugs, VERY slow to fix even minor bugs, slow to introduce new content compared to other MMOs, failure to optimize performance issues, etc. What are your thoughts on what's holding back SWTOR, and what are the biggest threats to this game?

1) Hero Engine - is this underlying platform so cumbersome that the pace of improvement of the game will never improve? Is it simply too expensive and take too much man-power to implement even the slightest content additions?

2) EA - according to several accounts, EA considers SWTOR a massive failure and has effectively put this game on the backburner and is silently letting the Bioware people in charge of SWTOR know that their future at the company is limited. Can they provide the resources (time, money, people) to turn this game around?

3) Wrong vision at Bioware - according to several accounts, Bioware envisioned this game to be more of a heavily-instanced, multiplayer RPG with MMO elements. Will this vision ever change?

At this point it seems apparent that we will not see any revolutionary changes to this game. The only changes that seem likely are additional content, bug fixes and slight optimizations. This would of course result in only reducing the rate at which current players leave, but will not result in a massive renewed interest in the game. What needs to change to turn this game around, and is it even possible?
We can ofcourse all identify the problem areas. Problem is that most people identifying the problems dont have any clue whatsoever what is actually a problem and what isnt.

1 - This old thing again. Whatever engine the game uses atm, is mostly Biowares doing, so are the problems and bug fixing. Sure it still needs optimizing and fixing but will you people stop whining about hero engine. What they are using is very far from Hero engine.

2 - I dont see EA considering SWTOR a massive failure as long as it brings more money than it spends. Currently they are even investing a bit more to implement F2P. They are very money oriented company so they would not do that if they did not believe in the game. Other than that, they can ofcourse ruin the game when they try to save a bit more...

3 - Not really wrong. Hindsight is usually easier than predicting future. On the other hand people still cannot agree what went wrong so changing the strong points of this game (story, instancing, story, space, story) would most likely kill the game totally.