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Before we go way off the rails into body type & self-image IRL, maybe we'd better get back on topic. So I'll glom onto something here to pull us back on course:

Mako - does she look too young to you for a romance to seem appropriate? I have to say she never struck me as child-like. I'd never thought of it that way until I read that here just now.
Mako is Asian or whatever Star Wars lingo is for that ethnicity. Human races never seemed too important when there were numerous alien species about.

Point is she's supposed to be small. And she is pretty small. Body Type 1. It was my hobby for a bit to try and make "clones" of story characters, and I recall making a Mako. She uses Republic implants which I didn't have access to at the time. Also she wears no makeup. Ah here. Yes I added makeup. Sue me.

As for age its not really easy to determine her exact age, but its safe to say she's an adult. Maybe a bit on the emotionally immature and naive side (though at times she seems more mature than your BH), but still a full fledged grown up. Otherwise the current hetero only romance would have just felt...eww.