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Anyone got a vid of the studder so people can see what we are talking about? I tried to fraps mine and as soon as I hit record the studder went away and came back the instant I stopped recording.
How to explain it... it`s like a GPU that can`t cope with the load = think a severely underpowered PC with maxed Crysis. Only, instead of lowered FPS, it gives a low FPS behavior, which, in my case, is doing it without even dropping FPS.

Like in this video.. see the "big graphic jumps"? It`s doing that at max FPS - 0.7 for instance. Now imagine that "big graphic jump" done in everything you do.
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When you are six hours into playing Battlefield and you run out of ammo in your clip, and we ask you for a dollar to reload, you're really not very price sensitive at that point in time...We're not gouging, but we're charging.