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This guy is spot on. I know there is a lot of complaints about ranked versus unranked, but if you dragged an ungeared toon and expected to be competitive in open world pvp, the exact same thing would happen. The only way to overcome that is numbers, which warzones prevent from happening. Everyone wants their cake without paying for it. PvP is like anything else. You don't expect to jump straight into nightmare mode raids when you ding lvl 50. That is exactly what joining a ranked warzone when you have recruit gear. You don't complain that the NPCs are too difficult, you just re spawn and move on with your life.

I also understand the casual gamer's plight of wanting to do pvp, but you aren't going to be good because of many reasons:
A) You don't pvp a lot, so you don't understand how your character works in pvp
B) Other people enjoy competitiveness and have the time to be the best, so they are going to have the edge no matter what you are given. They are going to find ways and tactics to be superior. Gear just amplifies this effect.
C) People thrive for competitiveness. You don't leave the real world and enter the virtual one to be a lame ***** rodent. You leave the real world to enter a world where you are a freaking jedi with the force or some other hero and you compete against NPCs all the time. It is just that the NPCs don't evolve.
D) Don't complain when other people destroy you. That isn't going to increase your performance and it is going to cause more harm than good. When everyone is screaming about getting melted, but they pvp for 1 hour every month, they are not a reliable sample of the current pvp situation. If you can, read up on your character, if you don't have time for this maybe try to find some open world pvp or duel with your friends or enjoy the fantastic story and environment that BW made. They made the story enjoyable for a reason.

There are probably a lot of errors in my grammar, but I am not really worried about that. The issue with the game isn't warzones. Some positive fixes would be earning commendations for open world kills or holding a certain point that would allow you to get some new gear. This would allow the casual gamer to join up with many other hardcore gamers and enjoy some pvp because open world pvp is more of a numbers and coordination game. Also, schematics for crafting that could be sold would slowly move it to more of a player's economy.
Any more unfounded accusations and assumptions you would like to make?

A) The game isn't hard, a competent casual player will know his character far better than an incompetent hardcore player. You don't need to be "hardcore" to be good at the game.

B) This applies to both casual and hardcore players. Again, see above.

C) What the...? What does the second half of that paragraph even mean and how is it relevant to this discussion?! Making WH gear more accessible would actually make the game MORE competitive, as there would be a much more level playing field. That's a good thing as you're not wrong, we people thrive for competitiveness.

D) Again you are making blind assumptions that people are just bad... It has NOTHING to do with the gear gap between players right? /sarcasm

Right now a terrible WH player can destroy a good lesser geared player, there is nothing you can do on the whole until you gear up. That in itself isn't necessarily a bad thing as there should always be a goal to work towards, in this case better gear. The issue, is that the lesser geared players are left feeling helpless for far too long. It can easily take months to get one character geared up to the point at which they can finally be truly competitive. ONE character. This is an MMO, people don't want to just spend all their time getting steam-rolled in PvP for a couple of months waiting for the point at which they can finally be competitive and enjoy themselves. They didn't a matter of fact the vast majority of them left long ago. That's working out really well for the game isn't it?

You seem to be under the impression that making the gear grind more forgiving and actually giving EVERYBODY a chance at being competitive in a reasonable amount of time would be a bad thing... How exactly will it affect you apart from shrivelling your epeen slightly? You do realise that the way in which you are trying to advocate keeping the best gear only for those with the time to grind, just makes you sound like a terrible player hiding behind their gear right...? Because it totally does.