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To be honest, I think the step up in difficulty between EV/KP, then EC and now TFB is enough to ensure that the vast majority of raiders wont be fully geared up ever.

Lets face it, full Rakata was really easy to get because both KP and EV HM were very easy raids in terms of mechanics. EC HM, on the other hand, was a big step up in difficulty as seen by how few guilds have actually cleared it. You cannot easily carry the average player through EC HM as it is too easy for a single point of failure to cause a wipe, be it due to strict enrage timers, not quick enough on tank swops or low healing.

Its looking like TFB is going to be the same. Both EC and TFB seem like fun raids but on HM the difficulty just seems beyond the average raider. So, whilst hardcore people will gear up quickly and get TFB on farm, I don't think the average raider will ever clear TFB HM.

I think that is the bigger issue that Bioware need to address. I'm not sure how other guilds are coping with this, but in my guild we have reached a point where we are starting to have arguements about raiding. Our core team is great for progression, if we get a core team together we can one-shot all bosses in EC HM, we've killed Writhing Horror twice and are working on second boss now. However, the non-core raiders in our guild simply aren't good enough to get through EC HM. The jump in difficulty from story to hardmode is too much for most of them to make. However, they've already got full rakata / black hole because that was easy to get! We're struggling to find a way to get them through EC HM and thus better geared, but if we don't get them through EC HM then they'll certainly never be able to do TFB HM.

So, whilst I agree that loot needs to be a good incentive for repeating raids, I rather think that smoothing the difficulty curve between raids is more important to stop the community becoming too segregated. If Bioware aren't careful, they will reach a point where the top raiders are in item level 70 gear whilst the average raider with still stuck at 61 because they can't clear EC HM / TFB HM. I would much rather Bioware smoothed the curve or flat out nerfed the harder raids to improve clearance rates, than keep it like it is and segregate the community.
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