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So, bit of a noob question but, what’s the consensus on when it’s ok to choose “disassemble”?

I know whether or not the option actually appear at all depends on you crew skill(s) but I noticed that, while I was on a Flashpoint and had selected “need” for an aim-item for my BH, a player’s “disassemble” roll actually beat me to it. So, apparently, “disassemble” isn’t, as I originally thought, 3rd in line after “need” (which, if I understand correctly, you choose when it’s an item whose primary stat is that of you character) and “greed” (which you choose if you just want the item to sell it).

So when is it actually ok to select “disassemble” when the option is available?
I've never seen that happen before, a need roll should (and is) always the primary choice in obtaining loot.
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