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10.04.2012 , 02:54 AM | #7
Great suggestions in this thread. Any one or two would make the specs Viable and an actual threat for end game, ranked/competitive PvP play. We definitely need one or two of the following:

-Protection against interrupts.

-Greater mobility

-Higher Survivability

-1 more VIABLE, reliable, and on demand escape mechanism and or snare. As Gunnery our only snare comes from a channeled ability, rooting us in the process, this is counter productive, it should either root for 1-2 seconds or be cast able while moving. As Assault we have an unreliable and absurdly awkward 30% speed reduction snare, sweltering heat not only is not usable on demand with a proc chance of 16%(talented) BUT proves to now be insignificant due to being reduced to 30% reduced slow speed. I understand the nerf overall, as it was justified for Vanguards/Powertechs but it unfortunately was essential for Commando/Mercenary survivability, even at 50% it proved to be a gamble due to it's unpredictably and lack of on demand usage.

-Further emphasizing our mobility problems, we either need a backwards jet pack leap, speed boost or if you intend to make Heavy Armor actually mean something and intend to make us the tank caster, which seems to be the case, increase our survivability/armor/health pools. Seems like we sacrifice an abundant amount of utility for something (heavy armor) which frankly is no where near worth it's cost.