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Greetings All,

Please let us know if either of the following resolves the white rectangle: clean reinstall of current video driver or clean install of previous video driver. We do not recommend using any beta video driver. We appreciate any feedback on this.

Uninstall video driver, clean boot and then clean driver install.

Depending on the graphics card the uninstall can differ:

NVidia recommend completing this through Control Panel/add/remove programs.
1) Go into your Control Panel
2) Double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon
3) Select the NVIDIA Windows Display Drivers from the list of programs.
4) Click Change/Remove or Add/Remove button.
5) Confirm with Windows that you wish to continue with the uninstall

Nvidia link:

When installing an Nvidia driver please choose the advanced install and tick the box for "perform a clean installation".

Thank you for playing Star Wars: The Old Republic

When 1.4 was released no white box with current driver 306.23
When 1.4.0b was released got UI overlay and white box with driver 306.23
rolled back to 304.79 still same results
rolled back to 301.42 still same results
rolled back to 295.73 still same results

each time I did a rollback I cleared the DiskCacheArena and re booted the pc

Graphic Card GeForce GTX470 1280mb
Windows 7 64 bit

DirectX Results with Driver 306.23

So what next roll back to 1.3 and fix the 1.4/1.4.0b issues then re do the patch ? Getting us to roll back drivers is only a short term fix for poor QA and programming.