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Hello all as you may know, 1.4 was a small update compared to most yet bioware decided not to put all of those great things they said they would like the new techniques and level cap.but why didnt they put cathar in yet?that is my question to the swtor community.and i doubt that there will be another huge update to implement all the things they say they will
1.4 included everything earmarked for 1.4 not everything earmarked for the rest of the year. In November, we'll see Free to Play, probably along with some free-to-subscribers premiums like HK-51 and Ancient Hypergates which free players can unlock through the cash shop. Makeb, new story and possibly a new flashpoint are likely out in December. BioWare has indicated that Cathar are the next available race, but at this point aren't promising to have them ready this year. 1.4 was mostly for Terror From Beyond, plus some little things they has ready to implement.