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Kira and Nadia are body type one (but not constrained regarding the face like a player character would. Kria's face is a lot more round than a character with body type 1 could possibly make it) and Temple and Kaliyo are body type 2.
Kira is Body Type 2 (though I had to check to be sure with my BT2 Sentinel), and Kaliyo is 1. Got the others right though.

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Mako - does she look too young to you for a romance to seem appropriate? I have to say she never struck me as child-like. I'd never thought of it that way until I read that here just now.
Not quite "child-like", but certainly young. I'd hedge my bets on her being 16-18 at most (not counting the SPOILERS in her companion story). Her voice, appearance and demeanour (as well as the backstory she gives you) all give me the impression of a young but intellectually mature (if a little emotionally immature at times) woman.

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"Did I mentioned I'm a pacifist?" (Yes, you did. Three zillion times.)
Step 1: Roll Sith Pureblood.

Step 2: Get Tharan.

Step 3: Use Racial Social ability.

Step 4: Endless amusement.