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Before we go way off the rails into body type & self-image IRL, maybe we'd better get back on topic. So I'll glom onto something here to pull us back on course:

Mako - does she look too young to you for a romance to seem appropriate? I have to say she never struck me as child-like. I'd never thought of it that way until I read that here just now.
My bounty Hunter is level 11 so my insight is limited. There are some indicators however. The way she bursts in tear at one moment in the beginning, the way she emphasizes that she's not a child. The way she stumbles over this, ready to get defensive, when you actually say "yes" when she asks to come along with you. What really seems uncomfortable to me is that "You should watch out a little more" when she heals anything - even if she heals herself after giving her a better mod and her endurance increases. That's perfectly alright for now, but if she keeps at it in act II+. it's gonna annoy me about on the same level as Tharan's "Did I mentioned I'm a pacifist?" (Yes, you did. Three zillion times.)