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Apparently EA have managed to make themselves immune to UK consumer law and I can't see a refund of any part of sub costs regardless how long the game remains unplayable.
well they are based in america ... and i am sure their contract is american based not uk.... but you do have to phone up to do with anything money related (maybe not a full refund but you could get the time left un playable extended on the game ) some ppl have been able to pause their subscription so they have X days free time when they come back, bit like booking a last minute holiday and go woops i just paid for swtor... (i dont agree with this bit but i understand ... ohwell up to them)

well i understand you to... but CS are nice guys, be nice to them get their respect ... they might be nice back and try harder to solve a problem in future

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And TRYW I appreciate you answering the thing about Stock answer and Trial and Error literally, but come on, you know what i mean. You have seen the threads I have, lots of stock answers given telling people to do things they already have to resolve issues caused by things that won't be effected by the "solution" being provided.
I do understand that some feedback will assist with the debugging but sadly we all know this should never have made it out of the Test server.
i can agree that it should not have made it out of public test server but ppl want instant fix's they dont want to cause a mass rage quit because they have rolled back and caused another bug where ppl have lost gear that got released ... they could just reset the shadows but they have already started the fix's on that

i can understand about trial and error but these fix's are all user side and user side graphics which can be disabled yes not in all case's my estimate is about 30% or less have been having graphical issues (mid range computers like mine was not heavy affected at all but i have had performance boosts from what they doing) anyway i got a technical support class starting in a hour and half ill prob look back here then.

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