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The rate you guys were givin in EC HM was excellent, 2 Campaign and 1 BH, why in the nine worlds have you change that????!!!!
Clearly to piss you off.

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The loot tables on this game have been awfull from the beginning, it is the weakest point in this game.
Really? All the issues with SWTOR and you think this is the low point?

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I can live with every single bug that there is in this game since launch and i have been a strong defender of this game potential and i still am but your loot tables really suck and the way you have designed the loot tables on TFB HM in terms of numbers and quality per boss is a joke.
You can live with all of these bugs but the LOOT TABLE is the breaking point for you? You're yanking our chains right?

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Do you even realise how long it will take to equip a guild of 10-11 hardcore players, do you?
Pretty sure they do, as they want it to last a while and keep the "zomg loot is so ez 2 get" QQ to a minimum.

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Weve spent 1 month on EC Hm and we arent full campaign yet, so by this pace it will take us 4-5 months to equip everyone in dread guard and that is something im telling you right now, it will put my hardcore players out of this game.
If doing the same content for 4 months kills the game for your players, they really aren't as "hardcore" as you think.

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Just to put you out an example, if a guild just kills the 1st boss HM, it will take them around minimum, and im taking out repetition of drops here, 8 weeks to equip everyone on my ops with that item piece. 2 MONTHS!! REALLY, come on!!!!!
Do you mean EIGHT WHOLE WEEKS??? The exact amount of time as it takes to get 8 people the same drop from doing just the first boss in EC? The very SAME op you said had a well-designed loot table? How does your guild find the strength to go on?

Seriously though dude, while I feel your pain at the odd choices Bioware has made for loot (don't get me started on the pisspoor mod/armoring/enhancement optimizations), you really seem a bit melodramatic here. The game isn't ruined because you didn't get 2 DG tokens off the first boss and if you did, odds are you'd be back here after 8 weeks lamenting that TFB was too easy to gear in and your guild of "hardcore players" quit due to boredom instead of lootrage.