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I have tanked as a Jugg since Sept in Beta. I have been in raids/FPs with other tank classes and as a non tank with every type of tank. Jugg Tanks have the shortest range yes. PTs have the longest and sin tanks have decent range as well. But Jugg tanks have the ability to move around much easier and faster. We have 3 stuns: Choke, Back hand, and intimidating roar. More stuns then just about any class in game. Juggs are among the best for handling trash due to these stuns. We also have one of the best knockbacks in game, 2nd to the Merc/Commando 360 AOE knockback.

When it comes to energy management we also have the easiest time. Oh no I'm low on resources..... time to do more attacks! As a Tanking Jugg I almost never run out of Rage. In a 6-10 min fight I may use enrage once maybe twice. As a tank we have the best debuffs as well. All three tanks can put a 5% acc debuff on a target but Juggs can do it more far more easily then any other tank and now we can put our other debuff! An armor break which stacks to 20%. Yes we are the only tank with out a pull, but we have the BEST distance closer, more stuns, best knockback, most debuffs, easiest energy management then any other tank. I have been in many groups where Healers much rather heal me then the other non jugg tank. I have many guildies that are healers and they much rather heal a Jugg then a PT/Sin.

Juggs also are a hybrid tank. We get the best of both worlds. We get high shields and high Defensive chance. We do have the lowest health compared to the other two classes but so what? Health doesn't make a tank. I have out tanked people in full Rakata back when I was in Columi. Its all about skill.
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