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It needs to be nerfed for casuals to complete? Dont the casuals always say that raiding isnt hard? Dont they always say they should be able to have solo raids to get the same gear? Saying that a raid needs nerfed, because its too hard, kind of blows their statement out of the water, doesnt it?
The thing that the casuals don't understand is that they're actually being hurt by the SM EC nerfs.

A) Let's say that the real content for raiders will be the new and improved nightmare modes and that the purpose of hard modes is to gear up for Nightmare.

B) Now if raiders use HM to gear for Nightmare, then logically casuals use story to gear up and practice for HM.
The issue is that if the mechanics are nerfed on SM, it means that casuals will actually have a bigger gap to cross. They will have to go from an SM EC that was harder than HM KP but not by much, to an SM EC that's easier than HM KP.

Despite there now being a new Story Mode, I suspect that casuals will actually have a HARDER time doing HM EC. Why? Because BW just took their practice grounds and turned it into a crater. Let's get someone from BW to watch how many casuals who cleared pre-nerf SM EC in September manage to clear at least part of HM EC in October, compared to the people who never did it pre-nerf. I'm betting that the casuals who did it pre-nerf will have a much higher rate of success.
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