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Now I really don't care about the whole gear driven game stuff but what I would add is regarding how gear is nullified.

Chained crowd controls with limited breaks (long cool downs) will absolutely destroy any sense of class balance and gear. When a ranged DPS can progressively chain lock a melee and kill them even when the breaks and resolve are used correctly, there is no balance.
Yeah thats one example. I had a one on one encounter versus some Scoundrel on Corellia, Black Hole area. Its ridiculous how much of an advantage his cc was. Even though I was pretty aware of the problem there simply was no way of avoiding being cced 60 percent of the fight due to my ridiculous unleash CD.

Another example was an open world pvp encounter with a sage on Hoth. He simply cced my companion and thats it, the odds changed in his favor. Not having cc is simply a major disadvantage.

Or Huttball, I once had a complete inquisitor opponent team, you cant beat em. They cc the living poodoo outta you and heal like theres no tomorrow.

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Not really, remember many can make customer classes the longer they play and been promoted. Also you speaking about a different game genre to this, so you're comparison is worthless.

This ain't a FPS and therefore can't be judged or compared like one.
And that was exactly my point. I was trying to explain how a game would have to be to be perfectly balanced. And the custom classes you speak of, unlocking fancy scopes and stuff dont matter at all in COD, any skilled player can own your rear-end all day with the standard FAMAS.

Something like that is not possible in TOR since some classes are simply much better than others, and since better gear does provide such an immense advantage. Try to stand against an augmented WH if youre in recruit gear, he owns your sorry rear-end in 5 seconds no matter what. No skill whatsoever needed. LOL All you need is the best gear available and youre the boss in this game.

And I think its pretty much common sense that the jugger is the weakest advanced class. Other heavy armor classes can even heal themselves and have better DPS. Maras have insane DPS and still moderate survivability. AI and Sin are squishy but have a myriad of tools like stealth, heals, insane cc to get an edge in any situation. Sorcs have most tools, powerful heals and spells to increase their survivability and still have outstanding DPS.

In my opinion a perfect or good balance would be if in a 1 on 1 situation any advanced class could win against the other if played correctly. But try to fight a Sin as a jugg, if you are around the same skill level you cant win, you will lose100 out of 100 encounters, their class advantages are just too great.
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