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The Empire is planning a massive assault on the Republic. They plan to use Pirates and the Mandalorians to attack, so that they are not blamed for it. However the Republic is planning similar assault on the Empire. Meanwhile A large group of neutrals,calling them selves the Revivers of the Ancients, including rogue sith, jedi, force sensitives and militia, have been planning to come together for a time to stop the impending onslaught. They have stolen ships from both sides and are searching for an ancient race who could help stop the two warring Factions. Unfortunately, the Empire and the Republic have heard of the plans of this group. Both sides wish to stop them for different reasons.
Now the fleet of the Revivers is above the husk of the planet Malacor, as they begin their search...

Okay hope it is a good start crawl. Thought it would be kind of fun to try that. Well, If anyone has a suggestion, please say so. Anyone can join, you can make as many characters as you wish.

Now here is my start character, I would suggest you at least stick to the amount of information, if you have more go ahead and put that in as well.

Species: Mirialan
Name: Corruck Zann
Codename (Optional): Book
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Facial appearance: Tattoos, as most of his species
Allegiance: Revivers of the Ancients
Profession: Studies the Rakata, and Rakghouls
Garments: Robes used by jedi
Primary Weapon: disruptor rifle
Secondary weapon(s): a lightsaber (he made with equipment he had collected)
Miscellaneous item(s) (Optional): Ancient equipment he is studying
Personality (Optional): Has a high patience, hold all species as equals, hopes to find the Rakata species

Background: He was born a force sensitive on the planet of Alderaan. He was not taken in by the Jedi because they had not known of his existence. He lived and came to love ancient things because he felt he could talk to them, especially after his parents were murdered by a Sith raid on his town. He spent most of his time trying to find the Sith who had killed his parents, with little success. However in his search he was recruited by a rogue jedi, who became his father in a way. He was given the job of studying ancient markings to try and find a species that had died a long time ago. He became a very loyal member of the group, however even though he had made many amazing finds, he was never promoted or even recognized. He is still the same rank as when he began, but he wishes that someone will notice him at some point. He has not been trained in the force however he has used it once or twice. Only by chance has it worked properly, or maybe not.
Corruck ZannWe are few, they are many. But the Force is our ally and a strong one. We shall not fail.
NarothI am a Lord of the Sith Empire. I am the darkness that consumes all. Be assured nothing shall escape me.