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Going to level with you here, I've never seen gear as the real reward in endgame.
Gear allows people to do the tougher endgame content (although let's face it, prior to HM Terror we never really had an difficult content in this game) and thus is a means to an end, not an end in and of itself.

That's why I never complained about Nightmare EV/KP dropping Rakata, because for a long time there was no content after Nightmare EV/KP and thus no need for better gear.

For people who raid for a sense of Camaraderie and accomplishment, it's the challenge that gives you that warm feeling inside when you clear an Operation after hours of wipes. Gear's nice, but it's there to make it feasible to do new content, not the reward for doing new content.

Now, if you're so good that HM TFB bored you... then yes, that's a legitimate complaint.
I'm still only 2/5 HM and must have wiped a hour on HM Writhing Horror alone, so I'm liking the new stuff.
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