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OP needs 2 lern 2 grammer.

Kudos to the others who were able to decipher those posts. They make my head hurt.
Hahaha Not really helpful for the OP, is it?

Im jugger tank and I aggree with those stating jugger is simply the most challenging tank to play due to aggro problem. I think any PT and Assassin tank is the boss, never losing aggro without even breaking a sweat. But as jugger it can be really hard at times, I have seen ppl quit group saying I couldnt tank, simply because I lost aggro for a second. They are not used to that, if all they know are the faceroll mode tanks that never heard of such problems.

The good thing is due to the hardships of this class, whenever you run into a jugger tank, chances are that guys knowing what hes doing, else he would have quit already and rolled idiot-proof-tank .

Therefore its not that jugger tanks arent as good as the others, they just require more skill than the others. You want an easy and stress-free life, then roll PT you will instantly get 1 million HP and 100% shield chance, you cant fail and you will be the star of the galaxy envied by all guys and worshiped by all the chicks.

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Panda ??? who is this Panda U speak of Carl.
The most hilarious line Ive EVER seen in a forum. Outstanding. LMAO