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10.03.2012 , 10:13 PM | #2
I can't speak directly for the Consular story, but I have heard it is choppy and disjointed.

The Knight story is great, I personally really enjoy it. It's got prophecy, intrigue, fights against great evil, falls and redemption, planet destroying superweapons, and a warbling astromech droid. The female voice acting for the Knight is great but it can be a bit repetitive to hear "I am a Jedi, I live to serve" and its variants after a while. I play a "gray" Jedi instead of leaning too hard towards Light or Dark choices and I really like how the Knight story compliments such an approach. The Light choices are selfless and noble and the Dark choices are selfish and typically psychotic.

My only complaint about playing a female Knight is that Doc (the romance option) is a total creepster.