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You're right, people should go out and do their heroic dailies while they wait for the gro-

what's that? You can't group at all while you're in the group finder queue? And it can take *hours* to get a pop for a DPS?
This is a bit misleading, because if you are even reasonably geared and have reasonable skill, you can solo the majority of the heroic dailies in both factions, or at least enough to occupy yourself for a couple of hours if you run them with a couple or three of the regular mish.

And if you can't solo the 2 and 2+ heroics, Google a lrn2play guide for your class, because you need to get better so you aren't a drag on your group when the LFG does pop.
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And finally, sitting through this video is like watching a 6 year old bash his own head in with a frying pan.. just not as entertaining.
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That's my new facebook status: Shut up the f$$%$% mouth!