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Well I'm just in the ideas phase here. The charm primarily lies in the Star Wars Lore, which obviously has its appeal to a wide audience. Though I am not a role-player, this would certainly appeal to that crowd. The development of "Force Ghost Class Stories" could also be an option. Remember also, multiple Advance Classes have the same class story. We're at the point where lots of folk have multiple max level toons. It's not as if you HAVE to miss your class story. Many players will have to experience it twice as it is (I personally will have to view the Knight and Smuggler stories twice). It's not as if you HAVE to miss the story.

Also, it's not as if you have a wouldn't have a role in groups, it would be just more passive. You couldn't "attack" or "be defeated" As it is, there's no real CC/BUFF/DEBUFF class per say as there is in other games where they are often necessary, as these roles are distributed rather evenly in SWTOR.
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