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Edit: Never mind me, PvP. Was looking at the wrong bonuses.


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Vanguards and Powertechs aren't useless because of 1.4, notice all the ranked teams and players still dominating with them. If you actually read into it right, they actually got a damage buff with Sticky Grenade/Explosive Dart now on a separate CD from Assault Plastique/Thermal Detonator. Just learn how to kite the marauders and keep them in the 5-10m range from you.
Teach me how to quite a class that has 4 defensive skills, can use force leap, can use force Grip, can put me a "slow" debuff, can be invisible and use some kind of "sprint"...all this withouth using "Hold the line" from Tactics tree and with only 1 stupid defensive skill that mitigates only 25% dmg. Teach me master.

pd: I can kill almost every other class with skillt. But with marauders it's not a matter of skill. It's a matter of my class with Assault tree can not kill a marauder in 1 vs 1 with same gear.