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I'm not the type of person to enter something into a suggestion box, as I'm aware that my thread will likely go unread, and if if read will never happen, but this idea hit me today and I think a lot of people would like it, and...ya never know. Sure, it'd be a ways off from implementing but BIOWARE could put it in the "crazy ideas that we'd like to do down the road box."

Here's my idea:

At a certain alignment value (i.e. Light Side: 1000; or Dark Side 200), depending where the game has developed to, players can choose to "become one with the Force" and become a Force Ghost.
Here are some possible details:
--This would inherently change your class into one whose sole function would be to buff and debuff.
--Force Ghosts cannot be defeated, nor can they enter combat in order to attack. They only buff group members and debuff enemies.
--There would be no more need to obtain gear, but perhaps there could be certain levels of "buff/debuff" abilities along an all new trajectory of development. Or perhaps just be static and buffs could be based on percentages or scale to group sizes.
--Force Ghosts would be "tethered" to particular locations. Maybe even to a destroyed planet formerly inhabited by many Jedi (Dantooine or something). They could leave their tethered location only to join groups and be then be tethered to the group leader (instance included) by a range of 15 meters or something. This way, there wouldn't be a fleet full of force ghosts ruining the immersion factor.
--The Reward System would have to be tweaked in order to incorporate the Force Ghost role.
--Only force-sensitive classes could become Force Ghosts, as doing so requires learning the mysteries of the Force.
--A cool quest-line, working with some Master, Vrook or Exar Kun for example, where you choose to "die" in order to become one with the force (Jedi) or suck the life force from others (Sith) would commence the Force Ghost process.

One can imagine running an Operation with one character and seven Force Ghosts guiding him.
I bet a lot of people would choose to do this. It would also give a sense of "completion" to a particular character that is so often lacking in MMO's. I know companies would like us never to feel that, so we keep playing our toons and giving them money...but the role would still be social in character, be difficult to obtain, could possibily still contain a progression dynamic, and would be unique and very cool. This would be very unique and BIOWARISH
Imagine the implications for World Events...

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